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2018-09-21 04:02:03
Today we are going to modify Wordpress using Ipsunflez.

Lets say you have engaged a few writing services to maintain your blog. Now you want to record down how much trafic attract by each writing services.

Lets add 2 fields [w_service], [traffic] at the end of wp_posts table.

Now is the Ipsunflez part.

1) Add a new database into Ipsunflez by selecting Database, Database, New (pg=11000,pgs=7). So lets say the new Database number zdb(f01) number is 5, Add a new config file at ahidden by copying the config4.php, rename it as config5.php, change the $username and $password into the respective username and password, $database as wordpress. Modify the following lines :
$sqllink4=mysqli_connect... into $sqllink5=mysqli_connect....
mysqli_select_db($sqllink4, ... into mysqli_select_db($sqllink5, ...

2) Add a new table into Ipsunflez by selecting Database, Table New(pg=11050,pgs=7). Lets take care of the numbering, so lets number the ztbl_no(f01) as 1010000, ztbl_name(f02) as wp_posts, zdb11050(f03) by selecting the database you just added at 1) above.

3) Now we need to add the fields into Ipsunflez by selecting Database, Table Field, New (Multiple)(pg=11100,pgs=6). You don't have to add the whole table wp_posts, you just need to add the concerned fields. If you are not creating the table using Ipsunflez just as this example, then you only need to add (f01) to (f03). (f05) to (f08) is use for creating a new table. In this example we just need to add 5 fields into Ipsunflez, that is ID, post_title, post_content, w_service and traffic. Lets take care of the numbering, lets the zfld_no(f01) being 1010000 to 1010004.

4) Now you may add a new form by refering to tutorial [Add Form].

5) Now you may add pages by refering to tutorial [Add content and Pages].

OK, now you can maintain the traffic by adding traffic records into Wordpress by pg=1010000,pgs=6)and view it or PUBLISH it by Ipsunflez.(pg=1010000,pgs=4). There are another 5 views in Ipsunflez.

You may wonder you can do all this by using phpmyadmin, yes, true, however, you don't want to lets everyone to login into your phpmyadmin, so Ipsunflez can help you to overcome this problem.